The most unique tours on the planet.

The most unique tours on the planet.

Travel to the Moon or to the Kingdom of the dwarves are the most unique tours attracting many tourists who is keen on exploring.

1. Travel to the Moon:

A Russian airline gives people the opportunity to explore the Moon. This special holiday lasts a week, the spacecraft’s speed can be up to 17.000km / h, visitors can see the stars, the moon lighting and observe the Earth with 250.000 mile in distance. However, visitors must take part in a training course lasting 4 months on a two-seats starship with 100 million USD each seat.

2. 1 million -tour package:

Emirates Palace hotel recommended a package tour which cost 1 million USD including plane ticket ,7-days rest in the president’s room and driving limousine during the time in Abu Dhabi with the best spa services everyday

3. Travel with mermaids:

Mermaids in the Western Florida attract a huge number of tourists each year, comprising many stars. Weeki Wachee resort was built next to a natural hot spring, tourists can swim with mermaids underwater without wetting your clothes.

4. Nude travel:

All you need are sunblock and enough cosmetics within a week, hats and shoes for the unique tour. With only a small bag containing some essential things, you are ready for a comfortable travelling without bulky luggage.

5. Travel with pigs:

If you are courageous enough to travel and swim with pigs, you don’t need to be nervous if they may bite anyone like swimming with dolphins, as long as you don’t babble about sausage next to them.

6. Travel to the dwarves’ park:

The theme park of the dwarves is located on the hilltop of the southern China, all of them are just less than 4 feet in height. This park takes the special concern in the world, which gives little people who are hard to get jobs due to their height a chance.

Claudineia Powell