What Type of Traveler Are You?

What Type of Traveler Are You?

Everyone has her own way of preparing for and enjoying a trip. How about you? What kind of traveler are you?

The Digital Nomad

Did you leave the corporate world in favor of a home-based online job to be able to travel anytime you want? If so, then you are a digital nomad. You refuse to be bounded by a 9 to 5 job or office rules because you want to spend most of your time frolicking around the world.

The Seasoned Backpacker

You know everything about cheap hostels. You don’t mind sleeping in dorms, but you appreciate a nice luxurious accommodation from time to time. You can easily score the best airfares and find the most inexpensive way to get from one place to another. Your passport has already been filled up from your trips to more than a dozen countries already.

The Soloist

It’s not like you don’t enjoy the company of your friends. It’s just that you get have more fun when you’re alone. There’s no drama, no hassle, no arguing about where to go, what to eat, etc. Besides, you have become more appreciative of the good things that come from solitude.

The Groupfie

No holiday is complete without one of your friends or relatives. If Stacey can’t go, then everyone else won’t either. You’ve become accustomed to the noise and stress of tagging along a large group. After all, holiday photos couldn’t be any better with the smiling faces of your beloved travel buddies.

The Foodie / Wine Connoisseur

Wherever there’s scrumptious food or popular vineyard, there you will be. Why? Well, nothing beats a holiday that has mouth-watering delicacies or thirst-quenching wine, right? If you’re this kind of traveler, then you’ve probably been to Italy for its famous pizza, Thailand for its seafood and France for its wine.

The Camper

You’re always in your campervan or a rental one. You’ve toured around North America, Europe and of course, Australia in an RV. There’s something so relaxing and comforting when you’re driving a campervan. That’s why you prefer to travel this way.

Claudineia Powell